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Meldung vom 05.08.2008, Copyright www.kothny.de

www.kothny.de places this advertisment on the homepage, because the Olympic fencing-team manager did not contact his team until now.

When the Thai press asked Willi for an interview at the airport before leaving Bangkok to Beijing, Willi said, that he first must find his team manager. He did not see him for many months. Perhaps Thai-TV and newspapers can help him...

Since Wiradech Kothny arrived in Thailand, he never saw his Olympic team manager.
Lt. Gen. Surarit was never seen during the training at the Sport Authority of Thailand.
He was not seen by his fencers at the airport, when they went off to Beijing.
His fencers did not see him at the training area in Beijing.

If somebody knows where the Thai fencing team manager can be found,
please contact kothny@t-online.de

However, Wiradech Kothny started the training with his coach Somkhit Phongyoo at the fencing training area in Beijing. The IOC helped Somkhit by getting an accreditaion for entry into the training area.

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